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Freeride, freestyle crossover, big air kite from Airush

The Airush Union V5 is a versatile kite that closes the gap between the sometimes boring freeride kites and a super radical C-shape kite such as the Airush Razor. The best of both worlds comes together in the Airush Union V5. This gives the Union 2020 a great lift and long hangtime if you are going for big air. The direct and fast steering behavior (made possible by the fixed bridle) makes it possible to pull sick kiteloops with the Airush Union V5. The Airush Union V5 also has a lot to offer for the freestyle kitesurfer. The Union V5 gives you good pop with a little more depower and is forgiving so it doesn”t pull too hard. It’s the ideal kite for when you mastered the beginning of kitesurfing and want to explore what kitesurfing has to offer.

The construction of the Airush Union V5 is made of the same strong combination of materials as in previous years. The strong Airush Load Frame v4 with WebTech forms the basis of the strong construction. Airush has made a kind of web through the canvas of the Union V5 with strong yarn. Because of this reinforcement, Airush has had to use less heavy Dacron, the Union V5 is lighter and the flight characteristics have been improved. The canopy itself is made of Technoforce D2 double ripstop cloth. Kevlar reinforcements have been applied at important and wear-sensitive points.


  • Freeride | Freesyle crossover
  • Three struts
  • Steers quickly and directly
  • Fixed bridle
  • Load Frame with WebTech
  • Technofore D2 canopy
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • One pump system


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