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Reliable and user-friendly bar from Airush

The Airush Ride 2022 bar is simple without sacrificing any quality. The bar is super easy to use and reliable. The Ride 2022 bar is available in 50cm or 60cm and has 9+14m lines, so it can be used on any Airush kite. The low V split on the center lines ensures a quick flag out of the kite. The bar has the so-called IQR (Intelligent Quick Release) system. The IQR system is very user-friendly. When you have used the quick release, the release remains open, only when you push the chickenloop back in and hear a click, the QR is closed again and you are ready to go out again!

This year the safety ring has had a small update, they have made the hole where the leash is attached slightly bigger to make it easier to attach the leash. The depower lines are uncoated. Because there is no coating around the depower line, the cleat trim system can easily be adjusted in height for, for example, riders who have shorter arms. In addition, replacing your depower line is a lot easier. The hole in the center of the bar through which the depower line passes is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes moving the bar up and down very easy and extends the bars life.


  • 4 lines
  • 9+14m
  • IQR safety system
  • Stainless steel Center hole
  • Easy depower
  • Simple cleat system


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