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Take our 6h course and get your money back when you purchase a new board, kite and bar.

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At Obsession Kiting, we offer exciting and professional lessons. We will meet you at your level and give you the tools to improve your riding. In winter, we offer beginner and refresher lessons in Shui Hau Wan. In summer, we offer taster and foil lessons in Pui O. 

Meet the Founders

Justin and Megan both grew up in holiday towns in South Africa. The move to Hong Kong was a big one and they did everything they could to maintain a healthy happy lifestyle that reminded them of home. Part of that lifestyle was kiteboarding and it brought them so much joy that they decided to give others the same opportunity in this busy city. 

Where & When

Winter Season
@Shui Hau Wan

October – April

This is our winter season where we expect to have easterly winds from the end of September to March which allow for kiting in Shui Hau Wan in South Lantau. This is also when it is best to commit to learning. We can take you from zero to hero in this season

Shui Hau Wan is a large lagoon with a large area of shallow water at high tide making it a super friendly place to learn. It is an onshore breeze which means that no matter what happens, you’ll always end up back at the beach.

How to get there: Start by taking the Star Ferry from Central to Mui Wo at pier number 6. Once in Mui Wo, you can either catch a taxi or take the number 1 bus to Shui Hau Wan.

@Pui O


This is our summer season where we expect to have light south-westerly winds from March to August which make Pui O an ideal kite beach for independent riders. Improve your skills, learn to foil or take a taster lesson. 

Pui O is a lovely beach that is cleaned daily. A great place for a family outing where you can relax on the beach while you wait for the wind that usually arrives around lunchtime. Winds can range from 8 – 20 knots so we have a wide variety of kite sizes ready to go!

How to get there: Start by taking the Star Ferry from Central to Mui Wo at pier number 6. Once in Mui Wo, you can either catch a taxi or take the 3M bus to Pui O. Once at Pui O beach, you can walk through the campsite or along the beach to the kiting spot.

BEGINNER and refresher COURSE

Our beginner lessons take you from Zero to Hero. This is the total beginner package that includes all the equipment you need.

Your instructor will be taking you through the nitty gritty of the safety procedures to make sure you are properly prepared for every situation. Then you will hit the water with a friendly and gentle kite to learn the basics of kite control. Once you have mastered the required kite skills, you will be given a board and led through your first board starts. Once you are up and riding, its all about deciding which direction you want to go.

Becoming independent is different for every person. We try to get you there in between 6 and 10 hours, but we are all different and our main priority is to make sure you are safe and no longer need us when out there.

If you would like to share this experience with a mate, you are welcome to bring a friend or two. At first, you will be sharing the kite in a group lesson, but once your instructor is happy with your progression, we will make sure you get more one on one time with the kite.

6-hour private course: HKD3000

Private lessons: HKD600 per hour (min 2 hours)

Group lessons: HKD500 per hour per person (min 2 hours)


You know how to kite, but there is this cool thing called a foil that you would love to master. What an awesome challenge! It takes some people weeks to learn by themselves, but hours with an experienced instructor.  

Private lessons: HKD 700 per hour 

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